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Queen Elizabeth II 1971 Decimal Currency Definitive Stamps




GB+Definitive 0.5p Stamp (1971) Turquoise Blue GB+Definitive 1p Stamp (1971) Crimson GB+Definitive 1.5p Stamp (1971) Black GB+Definitive 2p Stamp (1971) Myrtle Green GB+Definitive 2.5p Stamp (1971) Magenta GB+Definitive 3p Stamp (1971) Ultramarine GB+Definitive 3.5p Stamp (1971) Olive Grey GB+Definitive 4p Stamp (1971) Ochre Brown GB+Definitive 5p Stamp (1971) Pale Violet GB+Definitive 6p Stamp (1971) Light Emerald GB+Definitive 7.5p Stamp (1971) Chestnut GB+Definitive 9p Stamp (1971) Yellow Orange and Black


Cat RefStamp DescriptionMint ValueUsed Value

Price Guide

X 841p. blue0.100.10

X 8481p. black0.150.25

X 10012p. light green and green0.750.50

X 8512p. mauve0.200.15

X 9292p. red0.150.20

X 8563p. blue0.150.20

X 9303p. mauve0.200.25

X 8593p. grey0.300.35

X 9313p. brown0.500.60

X 8614p. brown0.200.25

X 8654p. blue0.250.30

X 8665p. violet0.200.20

X 8695p. violet0.250.30

X 8706p. green0.250.20

X 8726p. blue0.250.20

X 8757p. brown0.250.30

X 9377p. red1.101.25

X 8777p. brown0.250.35

X 8798p. red0.250.30

X 8818p. green0.300.25

X 8829p. yellow and black0.450.55

X 8839p. violet0.350.25

X 8849p. purple0.350.45

X 88510p. brown and light brown0.350.30

X 88810p. brown0.350.25

X 89010p. yellow0.400.45

X 89110p. blue0.450.50

X 89211p. red0.400.30

X 89311p. drab0.400.35

X 94211p. brown0.550.55

X 89612p. green0.450.45

X 89812p. green0.450.50

X 90013p. brown0.400.40

X 94413p. grey0.450.50

X 94513p. brown0.600.60

X 94614p. blue0.500.50

X 94715p. blue0.500.50

X 94815p. violet0.600.50

X 94916p. drab0.550.55

X 95016p. brown0.800.75

X 95117p. green0.600.60

X 95217p. blue0.600.60

X 95317p. brown0.700.75

X 95418p. violet0.700.70

X 95518p. grey0.750.60

X 91318p. green0.600.50

X 95619p. red0.800.60

X 95719p. grey2.002.00

X 95820p. purple1.000.75

X 96020p. black1.001.00

X 96120p. blue1.251.25

X 96222p. blue0.900.75

X 96322p. green0.900.80

X 101622p. orange1.000.90

X 96523p. red1.251.00

X 96623p. green1.101.10

X 96724p. violet1.601.50

X 96824p. red2.001.60

X 96924p. brown0.800.80

X 97025p. purple1.001.00

X 97126p. red1.100.60

X 97327p. brown1.251.25

X 97427p. violet1.501.25

X 97528p. violet1.251.25

X 97628p. ochre1.401.25

X 97728p. grey1.401.25

X 97829p. brown1.751.75

X 97929p. mauve1.751.75

X 98131p. purple1.251.50

X 98231p. blue1.601.50

X 98332p. blue1.901.75

X 98534p. brown1.751.75

X 98634p. grey2.001.90

X 98734p. mauve1.751.75

X 98835p. brown1.601.60

X 98935p. yellow1.751.60

X 99037p. red2.001.75

X  99375p. black3.251.50

X 102475p. grey and black9.008.50



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