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Queen Elizabeth II 1970 British Historical Anniversaries Stamps



GB+General Anniversaries 5d Stamp (1970) Signing the Declaration of Arbroath    

GB+General Anniversaries 9d Stamp (1970) Florence Nightingale attending Patients


5d. multicoloured


9d. multicoloured

GB+General Anniversaries 1s Stamp (1970) Signing of International Co-operative Alliance

GB+General Anniversaries 1s 6d Stamp (1970) Pilgrims and Mayflower


1s. multicoloured


1s 9d. multicoloured

GB+General Anniversaries 1s 9d Stamp (1970) Sir William Herschel, Francis Baily, Sir John Herschel and Telescope


5d. multicoloured



Cat RefStamp DescriptionMint ValueUsed Value

Price Guide

SG8195d. multicoloured0.100.10

SG8209d. multicoloured0.150.15

SG8211s. multicoloured0.200.30

SG8221s 6d multicoloured0.250.30

SG8231s 9d multicoloured0.250.30


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